Olive wood beads Various Sizes and Quantity olive wood premium quality polished Holy land




Olive wood beads / wood beads / wooden beads

olive wood beads very beautiful and natural in various sizes and quantities!

we treat the beads with natural base sealer to protect the timber from humidity and sweat.

hole size in all beads is 2mm

We cleaned all the beads and dried and inspected for color, grain, and free of defects and cracks.

*high percentage of beads with dark lines shapes are guarantee!all made at our work shop in the Holy Lands from natural olive wood that was grown in the holy lands for thousands of years,

all olive timber used are from the seasonal trimming of the tree a natural process to help the tree grow healthy.

We make the beads from natural olive wood taken from annual trimming of the olive groves in Holy land and not imported!

***we “don’t” ruin or cut whole trees for the process of making our beads,

We make all our products with great respect to environment and tradition.
high percentage of beads with dark lines shapes are guarantee!

We guarantee you will not find the quality of our olive wood products anywhere else!

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